How Blackjack Strategy Shapeshifts With Dealer

If you are reading this article you must be familiar with the game blackjack. If not, then at least everyone has had the chance of hearing the word 'blackjack'. What most people don't know is that blackjack is a game of dependency and control and discipline.

Partially a person can control online blackjack ebb and trough and the dealer on other hand flexes and bends the strategy to his will and desire. A dealer sometimes has a hard 17 and in layman terms, hard 17 means to have a hand without any high card or ace(s). Even if the dealer does have an ace, it has the value of 1. This propels the dealer to stand and if the dealer has a soft 17, he can hit because his Ace has the value of 17.

These types of rules change from casino to casino and can implicate the whole gaming criterion. When the dealer hits on a soft 17, he has more advantages over his opponents. We can also focus upon some similar cases from player's point of view. If a player has a hand with soft 13 or soft 18 and meanwhile the dealer has face up cards with par value of 5 or a 6 while having a soft 17, means that player has more edge over the dealer and he can easily go for a double. But it should only be done IF the dealer wishes to stand on a soft 17. In case, the dealer decides to hit on soft 17 then player must remain composed and should just take another card.

Strategic based casinos are entirely a different concept and require a huge proportion of skill and strategy from all players equally. Online casinos are a good example of such variants of rule and strategies. All in all blackjack is a serious game with controversial issues and it has to be taken seriously.

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