Animal Lovers Will Enjoy Every Aspect Of The Mega Moolah African Safari Game Offered By Red Flush Casino!

If you are an animal lover, rest assured OZ Video Games has a game you would surely want to get your hands on. The African Safari theme and the excellent graphics that display beautiful images of all your favorite animals, will make you enjoy a wild trip unlike any other.

The introduction of the Mega Moolah game at Bwin's progressive section, created a wave of excitement in players. They simply loved the game! Scatters are served by monkeys and lions are the wild symbols, hitting upon which can lead to the completion of all non-scatter winning combinations. Lion, being the multiplier, also doubles the payout.

The progressive jackpot that is attached to the Mega Moolah game is a huge hit with players. For one thing, it was the first 4-tiered progressive jackpot game brought out by Microgaming, and secondly people love the possibility of multiple winning chances. The first tier is a mini jackpot starting at $10, the second tier is the minor jackpot that starts at $100, the third Major tier offers $10,000 as the starting point, and finally the Mega segment begins at a massive 1 million and can go up several millions. Once any of the tiers are hit, the player will instantly be given their jackpot, and the value of that tier will reset to the original amount.

By playing the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot at Bwin Online Casino, players are not just getting a chance to win one of the jackpots, but they are also eligible for so many other wins when they hit the right combinations on the reels. For example, two lions can bring 15000 coins with them, and an elephant can lead to winning 750 coins. Similarly, the water buffalos, the antelopes, the giraffes and other animals carry a number coins on them.

As the name suggests, the game is all about taking home moolah. Be a part of the wonderful community of animal lovers and take home big cash by checking out some of our free casinos online for regular payouts and non-stop fun.